Connecticut: Fines For No Masks, Large Gatherings
Connecticut: Fines For No Masks, Large Gatherings

Fines will now be implemented for those who are not following Connecticut’s mask orders and event size limits, according to Governor Ned Lamont.

The governor said a $100 fine will be implemented for individuals who do not follow the state’s mask order.

Also, people will now have to pay a $500 fine for organizing an event that exceeds size limits and those who attend events that exceed size limits will have to pay a $250 fine, Lamont said.

Currently, gatherings of 25 people are allowed indoors and 100-person gatherings are allowed outdoors.

These fines can be issued by law enforcement, local chief elected official designees and local public health officials, according to Lamont.

The effective date for these fines will be finalized this week, Lamont said.

New Coronavirus Numbers
Coronavirus hospitalizations in Connecticut have increased and five new deaths have been reported since Friday.

There are now 64 hospitalizations and the death toll in the state now stands at 4,485.

An additional 569 people have tested positive for COVID-19 since Friday, bringing the state’s total to 54,895.

With nearly 50,000 tests performed over the last three days, the positive test rate is just above one percent at 1.16%.

Last week ended with three straight days in a row of a COVID-19 test positivity rate above 1% after the rate hovered under that mark for much of the last month.


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